Tuesday, September 8, 2009

They closed the bay bridge over labor day weekend, beginning on Thursday evening. I work off of the bridge, so I had an access pass to get to and from Treasure Island (which carries you over the scenic part). Friday night when I left work, there was only a single lane open and not any cars in sight... except for the huge van right behind me keeping me from pulling over. I told myself I would get back from Los Angeles in time to pull over into the blocked off area and see the sunset behind the skyline, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate bridge - it seemed like a rare opportunity. Then, I heard on the radio that the bridge would be closed until Wednesday morning, so I went home to relax after my exhausting weekend instead of hurrying myself to the other end of the city. When I pulled onto the freeway this morning on the way to work, I saw a sign that said, "Bay Bridge Now Open!" Apparently they hurried through the night and got everything in working order.

The only documentation I have of the bridge being closed is a photograph through the windshield on Friday. Yet another lesson in never passing on opportunity.

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