Sunday, March 7, 2010


Our old upstairs neighbors moved out at the beginning of November. They were really friendly and courteous. We miss them. That apartment was vacant for awhile (and it was a nice music room). Then out of nowhere, these U-hauls started rolling in, unloading washtubs, bleach, charcoal, grow lights, rope... all those normal things that people move into apartments with. They were always sketchy, shaky, and repeatedly asked if we "partied."

The other day when we were moving things out of our old place, there was a crowbar in front of our door and many signs of attempted forced entry (a sunken dead bolt, a cracked door, and a crowbar-sized dent in our door frame). We called our landlord and let them know.

Today when I was getting the last of the things out of our apartment, our Chinese gangster former upstairs neighbors asked me if I told the landlord anything about an attempted break in. I said, "Yeah." Then they asked if I was here alone. I said, "No." Then they tried to make up some story about how the door was already like that and the crowbar was for trying to fix the other door. After they fumbled on their stories a few times, one of the guys told me, "You don't need to make any more trouble. You're messing with the wrong people... you will get yourself into a lot of trouble..."

I would never doubt that someone with their grocery store chemistry operation would bring me anything but trouble. They popped my "threatened by Chinese gangster" cherry. That is a moment I will keep locked away in a special place inside of my heart and cherish forever and ever.

We are officially out of our old apartment. Our new place is spacious and nice. The neighborhood is fantastic.

Here is the list of the neighborhood's perks:
- Golden Gate park is on the other side of the street
- next door to a bar called "Chug Pub." Around the corner from a bar called "Silver Spur."
- across the street from "Jazz Quarter" (a rad record store)
- the corner store on our block has a nice booze selection and a phenomenal deli
- tons of Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese/Japanese/Korean restaurants (and an Indian place, a pizza place, and a KFC/Taco Bell combo facility). Also, if you really miss those old KFC twister wraps, there is a burrito place a couple of blocks away that has a fish burrito that tastes identical.

Come visit me, Adrienne, and the kitten.



Monday, March 1, 2010

Way back when I was 25 (2008) I made a book called "Lovers In Love Loving The Love They Love To Love." I made 100 copies with cardstock covers. Then 100 with just white xerox paper. 200 copies is way too many, and I'm still sitting on the majority of the xerox printed ones. If anyone wants some (or all) of them, send me an email:

Mold attacked our apartment, our landlords wouldn't do anything about it, so we decided health was a little more important than a big lawsuit in our favor. So we are all on the outs. While packing up our first load, the downstairs neighbors asked us why we were moving. When we told them, they took us inside and showed us the disgusting condition of the walls in their home. The grandparents' room has a leak above the ceiling that has resulted in a big, nasty molded over spot. They told us that the landlord has always just painted over the mold on the wall, and if it ruined any portion the walls or ceiling they would just cut out the damaged spot and patch it. Then to justify any thought we have ever had about our apartment being built on a pile of shit, they showed us photos of the basement of our house - apparently the landlords had just sealed up some weird trap door. The downstairs neighbors broke through when the stench became overwhelming and unveiled what was literally a ground made of shit and walls made of flies from both rats and what appeared to be a busted sewer pipe. The pictures were gnarly, I could only imagine what it was like in real life. We told them about the S.F. Tenant's Rights Union, and that we have both the Department of Building Inspection and the Health Inspectors on the way over later this week and that they are more than welcome to invite them in. BUT ANYWAYS, Adrienne and I are staying in the Sunset, but moving closer to Golden Gate Park. Aaron moved to the Castro, and Wade found a place in the Marina. I am sad that our wonderful roommate situation has ended, but will always have the memories... memories on a foundation of shit.

Bye Bye Number B!!