Sunday, September 20, 2009

a brief history my personal experiences with live comedy

Guess what... I went to my third live stand up comedy act tonight.

The first was a battle of the comics at USC. All I remember is laughing at Rusty's jokes a lot, but also feeling awkward during the jokes that I found humorous but were a little too much for the general public.

The second was the free Zach Galafanakis show at USC. I felt like that was more uncomfortable than Rusty's self depricating homoeroticism. He made a lot of date rape jokes and screamed at drunk girls. Funny/frightening. But more funny.

Tonight, I went and saw David Cross. He was really amazing, but it got frustrating having to sit with a crowd of dumb hecklers.

Little personal back story: I HATE IT when people yell stupid shit during someones performance. I saw Modest Mouse in 2003 in Athens and I left with a sour taste in my mouth. Not only because the bartender shoved me down (I had a broken ankle and was on crutches). But because these drunk dudes shouted "COWBOY DAN!" in between every song. In my mind I thought, "let Modest Mouse play what they are going to play. If they play Cowboy Dan, be stoked. If they don't, enjoy it because they (at that point in time) have approximately 8 albums worth of material to play songs from and the majority of it is quality stuff."

During David Cross's routine, people just shouted things at him. "NEVER NUDE!" "PUSSY DOODLES!" "SQUAGLES!" Not even in between bits, but mid-sentence. He maintained composure and brushed it off, but you could see his frustration. Finally, towards the end of his routine, he looked out and said, "Wow. I can't believe I missed doing this. I haven't toured in over 5 years and couldn't remember why..." He went on a little tangent about how he isn't Journey, but wished he was, so he could tour the world non-stop and play the same ten songs and be a billionaire without ever having to work towards doing anything new. He said something to the effect of: "Have you guys ever heard my standup? Did you just expect me to come up here and do an hour of Tobias?"

Whatever. Idiot crowd aside, David Cross's stand up was hilarious and I had a great time. I'll stop typing now. More pictures from now on. Less words. The end.

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