Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I invented a game that I only play when I drink. I don't really recommend it. It is called...


When I am peeing, I try and realize that perfect moment to flush so that the water will begin it's rise just after I am done peeing. Then I can just walk away with no slightly yellowed water. Unfortunately, I am not very good at this game and it usually becomes me flushing as soon as I start peeing and then panicking... then accepting defeat.

Adrienne bought me a bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve. As a result, our toilet water is green (she upper-decked it with blue cleaner stuff).

On an unrelated note, Pat Wall visited me this weekend, and it was one of my favorite weekends since moving here.

There is something irreplaceable about the comforts of home that can only be enhanced in new surroundings. I have done a bit of traveling with Pat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSsJnmkFm4w) and some of the best times I have had are with him in various parts of the U.S. (unfortunately the two of us more-or-less spooning in the back of my Honda Element in Lexington, Kentucky to an audience of a family of four staring into my car window in a Holiday Inn parking lot is undocumented). This made my new home that may never feel as home-like as Columbia feel a little more comfortable, and I am so happy that he was here... and I encourage any potential S.F. visitors to come say hello.


  1. that's a difficult game to play if you pee sitting..

    but I tried. no go.