Thursday, November 5, 2009

Three days ago I realized how out of shape I am. Monday morning I got out of bed, which required the motion of basically doing one sit up. Since then, I have felt like I finished a week of ab ripper x.

Only I haven't. I have sat at a desk, snacked and done basic math.


  1. When I was in the eighth grade, I met the founder of Buns of Steel. My middle school dance teacher went to college with her. I think she's from Columbia? That's cool and slightly relevant to your post? exercise?

  2. wait. I just remembered: she wasn't the founder-she only modeled for the covers of the videocassettes. whoops.

  3. Either way, that is awesome! I always get Buns of Steel and Thighmaster mixed up. Not that they are anything alike, but I think they were big in that blur of childhood memories.

    Before I got sucked back into the 60 hour work weeks, I was running nearly every morning and starting to get back into shape. Now I'm a desk turd. But I just found out there is a FREE gym on Treasure Island near my work. So I might throw some gym clothes in my car and start hitting that up after work.