Sunday, November 15, 2009

"my weekend" - by jordan


This is a terrible picture, but necessary to illustrate the caliber of the event at hand. This is the judge panel from the New York Night Train Friday the 13th Soul Clap & Dance Off. Here you are looking at the host, Ian Svenonious (Weird War/Scene Creamers, the Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses), followed by the panel of dance contest judges: Ty Segall, Karla Lavey (founder of the 1st Satanic Church/daughter of Anton Lavey), Sam Green (director of "The Weather Underground"), Irene Hernandez-Feiks (Chillin Productions), Matt Gonzalez (Green Party)... Also, Jello Biafra was one of the guest D.J.s.

This is one of the better pictures from the dance contest. One lucky winner took home $100. Despite the top notch indie celebrities present, I still feel like the G.C.S.P.S. spins sicker, funkier shit and I would have easily traded the happenings of that night for a Sindoolah party at the Whig (but in San Francisco...). Columbia, you guys have something good going on. Cherish it.

Outside the bar, Jose was helping some intoxicated friends catch a cab. He caught a limo. The driver said $25 for all of us, but the drunk party took too long to agree and he drove off. Jose shouted "there goes our white stallion!" to his friends and we had to take puke-stenched owl home.

Adrienne's sister came into town, and her parents surprised everyone and flew in as well. So we spent the day hanging out. Then that night we went and saw POINT BREAK LIVE!!!

If anyone gets the chance to experience this, don't miss out. $25 for a ticket, but worth atleast double. A great time was had.

I waited for the cable guy. Now I have internet and cable. And HBO. Then got pizza with Patrick McLaughlin. On my way home, I was maybe hit on by a tweaked out foreign guy. He kept asking about "the thing" then asked if we were going to my house or his. Then a fat drunk homeless guy in a Santa hat couldn't stand up and puked on the wall of a bus stop. Now I am home (without the foreign guy) and it is time for bed.




    the first pic reminds me of this for some reason