Wednesday, November 11, 2009

After over a year of living here, I have finally found a couple of bars that I somewhat enjoy going to. One is called "Grandma's". It is across the street from my house. An old ex-military guy runs it and takes really good care of the pool table. They also have a sweet juke box. When I went to go put some money into it, he said "just to warn you, there is no rap or heavy metal." I took a gander and it was filled with old Stax compilations, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash... pretty much a cluster of soul and country. I put in my dollar and could faintly hear my song in the background. When asked to turn it up, he said: "I can hear it just fine." I have been venturing other places, too, and feel as though my social skills might be coming back. So hooray for alcohol and the ability to talk to strangers!

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  1. there is a bar called grandma's in five points. it always smells like puke because freshman girls get wasted there.