Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Hollowdays.

I gave up on birthdays a long time ago. I get uncomfortable and feel selfish when I am dragged into the center of attention. I usually turn off my phone and try to hide. New Years has always been a let down, and Halloween recently has fallen into that category. It is an evening with a lot of expectations pumped into getting dressed up, hammered and waiting for some sort of magic to happen. This year, Thanksgiving has been etched into that list of false hope. With family 3000 miles away, it's difficult to get excited about fatassing a huge meal, falling asleep on a sofa and pretending I didn't do that last weekend. So to shield myself from disappointment, I have my apartment to myself, a 4 track recorder, some left over pizza (maybe), and cable on demand (and two 30 Rock episodes I haven't watched yet).

At 26, Christmas still has magic. And until someone can try to prove to me that a fat man doesn't actually climb down my chimney with a bottomless bag full of presents, it will continue to be my favorite day of the year.

Columbia, South Carolina I will see you the evening of December 21st through the evening of January 1st.

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  1. yeah dude! I'm coming back the 19th and leaving on the 1st too! see you then. and yeah Halloween, new years and thanksgiving are usually a bummer