Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I hate math. But I love numbers. Which makes my accounting clerk job perfect, because I pretty much just have to count all day. In my down time, I have spent a lot of time budgeting for myself. By coming up with a savings cycle based on my weekly income that allows me to cover rent, utilities and a small weekly allowance for food, I am able to stash away money "for the future" while simultaneously saving for the things that I want/the adventures that make 60 hour work weeks worth while. I think it's pretty genius.

The first item on my "things that I want" checklist was a USB drawing tablet. I've started putting some miles on it by working on some new animations. But the first thing I did was draw this (with some help from Adrienne).

I shot a roll of film this weekend, but due to my work schedule cannot get it developed until Saturday.

Until then, I'll try to think of other things to display until I have a selection of adventure shots. Or just go look at movies I made awhile ago on vimeo:

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