Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little ego hugs are nice.

My friend Claire showed me a blog that did a really nice write up of the Toro Y Moi tour documentary. Thanks for the kind words Kitsune Noir!

Then I googled myself and found a "Here We Go Magic" video that said I had done something similar to the video at hand, but six months prior.

I bet in a year I will google myself and find an article that says VHS music docs are soooo 2010 and I will just be an obscure joke to the cool indie video-making community. Or maybe the joke is on me and I already am. Unfortunately, the format isn't an artistic choice (it's the only video camera I have), but maybe soon I will get a job, have some money, and can afford a nice camera allowing me to do something aesthetically different.

Until then, VHS-ahoy!

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