Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After a few hours of rest, I walked around the corner to TJ's Family Diner. I drank coffee and ate pancakes while letting my phone charge for a while. Once I assumed it was safe to turn on my phone, I found out exactly where I was supposed to be.

I never have any time to enjoy Chicago, and when I do I don't. Today was no exception. Essentially my two options were: sit around the house and relax or take Patrick to the Verizon store. I chose the latter. Patrick now has a Blackberry, and within a matter of hours he discovered it is possible to watch porn on it (as well as provide any argument-ending information necessary). I gave him shit for being glued to his new fancy phone, but it was honestly because I am jealous (my phone is soooo 2007).

A Mexican dinner was consumed, then we headed to the venue. After the initial "getting it together" rush and some technical difficulties (which involved Willie and I running back to his apartment to get an adapter) I was able to get the merch table situated. The doors were not yet open, but I guess that doesn't matter for the A-listers. My first two shoppers were none other than Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera. Both had to find an ATM (I tried to give them the merch, but they insisted on paying for it). Apparently Mr. Cera had to split in a hurry, but Jason Schwartzman is now the owner of the complete Toro table package. Later on in the night, I went to the green room to charge my phone and grab a beer and some water. When I walked in, Jason Schwartzman was hanging out! I snapped a picture of the whole gang with Chaz's camera, then pouted all the way back to the merch table... I want to drink beers and hang out with Cool Ethan...

The show ended, the drunk people stopped telling me the ideas they had to "get Toro Y Moi more exposure," and we were finally able to drive back to Willie's apartment for my first real night's sleep in almost three days.

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  1. haha rrradical man. sounds like giant fun to me.