Wednesday, April 21, 2010

maybe it is the conservative nature i somehow inherited simply by being born/raised in the south, but for some reason i have been reluctant to check out new music (and by new, i mean recently released). i am content with buying reissues/finding old soul 45's/etc, but it is so hard for me to move on. i guess when you are out of touch for so long, you are intimidated by where to pick up.

i have also always prided myself on being an avid supporter of the music coming out of my home (columbia, sc), despite having moved 3,000 miles away. but for some reason, i don't really listen to the myspace pages i click on with full intentions of listening to... i get distracted and wind up clicking a thousand links and forgetting whatever was intended.

with that being said, i am also very self-aware. and just to further prove my progress, today i downloaded "baby prayers" by coma cinema here and haven't stopped listening to it since i got home from work.

i guess last on the wagon is better than never getting on.


  1. hellya dude!

    you need to snag "stoned alone"...i like baby prayers, but the new CC stuff is liiiike REAL. I'll email you some tracks, but the tape comes out very soon.

  2. for sure!!! i will be certain to get the tape when it is due. and speaking of tapes, i need to purchase that WGWB comp with you jam on it soon. i was listening to the POA CD on the way to work today!