Thursday, February 4, 2010

twelve consecutive ten-or-more hour work days

In the beginning I felt tired. In the middle part I was starting to feel sick. Now I am just numb.

In between two typical workweeks in the accounting office at Trauma, I dayplayed as a production assistant for some test shots they were doing for a surf movie in Half Moon Bay. They put me up at the Oceano so I could be up and at 'em for the 4:30 AM crew call. Where waking up at 4:30 AM to load camera gear onto boats is by no means ideal, I couldn't have asked for a better sunrise to work through.

(I took this with my cell phone)

Somehow, I am still somewhat functioning and really looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning.


  1. It's cool your staying busy though! and it always nice to get free hotels

  2. beautiful picture. get you some sleep.

  3. daamn dude thats alotta work!...gettin your stuff in da mail sooon!