Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hardy took me here in January of 2008. It wasn't crowded, beers were fairly priced, and some guy in the back room was spinning Chocolate Watchband. I thought I had found the bar I would frequent after moving to San Francisco. Fast forward 10 months: after moving to San Francisco and getting on my feet at the art supply store, I decided one day's 6 pm dismissal was a means for celebration. I walked several blocks over to Delirium. I shoved my way through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd and found a seat by a bunch of rockabilly dudes (and their dog) at the bar. The room was loud, which made me feel sorry for the dog. The beer was a little steep for a happy hour pint and everyone around vibed me for drinking alone. I finished my beer, paid, left, and have never gone back.

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  1. Man, that sucks. I'm way to awkward to even think about going to a bar by myself.